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Bottle Opener

This 4 hour class will have students learning the basic forging techniques needed to create a functional bottle opener from a piece of scrap metal.

Additional info below.

Class Overview

-Bottle opener class is $100 per person and takes 4 hours.


-Classes can be scheduled any weekday evening and will run from, roughly, 5 to 9.


-Class takes place at my shop at 69310 Wolcott Rd., Armada, MI 48005.


-To secure your spot for the class, please send payment at your earliest convenience. Venmo is my preferred payment, but I can also take paypal, zelle, or you can even swing by and drop off cash or check.


-Maximum of 8 students per class


-To sign up or for more information, please fill out the contact prompt below. 


Thanks for submitting!

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